Student Fees for the 2018-2019 School Year

Shenandoah Elementary School

Kindergarten - $125.44 

1st Grade - $149.21 

2nd Grade - $132.99 

3rd Grade - $132.39

4th Grade - $126.93

5th Grade - $126.93

Shenandoah Middle School

6th Grade - $141.40*

7th Grade - $149.10*

8th Grade - $167.40*

There are additional fees for Catalyst Math, Intro to Agriculture, Band, and Choir.

Shenandoah High School

Based upon the student's course selection.


What are texbook rental and fees in the State of Indiana?
The textbook rental fee is established within the Indiana Code (IC 20-26-12). The monies collected from textbook rental fees are used to fund textbooks or equivalents during each adoption cycle. 

When are textbook rental and fees due? KG – Grade 12
Printed book rental fee statements are available in August and reminders are mailed monthly. Full payment is due the last school day of the first semester or upon registration if after that date.

Is assistance available for textbook rental?
If you qualify for free or reduced meals, you are also eligible for textbook rental and fees assistance from the State of Indiana. You may apply for free or reduced meals and textbook rental and fees assistance at the beginning of each school year, at the time of enrollment, or any time during the year if your financial situation changes. Free or reduced meals and textbook assistance applications are available on the SSC Food and Nutrition website.

Each year during the second semester, Indiana sends to schools an amount per eligible child based on state available funds. Families who qualify for textbook rental and fees assistance, will receive a statement showing the amount the state has paid for each of their students. A letter to the parent/guardian requesting the remaining balance will be included with the statement.

My child enrolled after the first day of school. Are my student’s textbook rental and fees reduced?

Textbook rental and fees may be prorated depending on the date your student enrolls in our district. Contact your student’s school for more information.

What if my child loses or damages a textbook/equivalent?
Replacement textbooks/equivalents are available. However, you will be charged the full replacement price of any textbook/equivalent that is lost or damaged to the point that it cannot be used. Charges for textbooks/equivalents that are damaged but able to be repaired will be assessed according to the needed repair.

Does this include the rental of the 1:1 student technology?
Yes, it does include the cost of the 1:1 student technology.  Accidental damages will be covered through these fees as well.  Intentional damages will be charged and additional fee.

What if I am unable to pay the entire balance due by the end of the first semester?
Payment contracts are available upon request at your student’s school.

What if the balance due is left unpaid?

Your student’s school will follow up with families whose textbook rental and fees remain unpaid. Balances left unpaid will be send to collections. 

For other questions, please direct them to your student's specific school office.