Shenandoah School Corporation has implemented One Call Now to improve its ongoing communication with you our patrons.  The partnership with One Call Now shows our commitment to you, your child's education, and your child's safety.

  Receiving Messages

You may receive two different types of voice messages from the school:

  • Routine notification calls which do not directly affect the safety of students, staff or parents.  These messages may include details and reminders about upcoming events, delays in school transportation, weather cancellations or delays, and absenteeism.
  • Emergency notification calls are used during critical incidents where a child, staff member, or parent's safety is in immediate jeopardy.  These messages will include important information concerning lockdowns, evacuations, and/or relocations.

Importance of Accurate Contact Information

  • The most important thing parents can do is verify the accuracy of their contact information.  Schools must have updated phone numbers and email addresses for One Call Now to work effectively and efficiently.  The One Call Now system will call your home, work, cell, or any phone number you choose.  It is very important that you keep these numbers and emails updated and the One Call Now system allows the parent to make changes.  Simply follow the phone prompts or use www.onecallnow.com .


  • Only authorized administrators on the school and district level may activate the system.  One Call Now keeps all of its clients' information confidential and secure.  All data is password protected on secure servers accessible only by school administration.  Shenandoah School Corporation will be using this system for teams, clubs, cancellation of events, changes in practice times, etc. throughout the school year.

How to Retrieve a Missed Message

Parents can easily retrieve or replay a message that was cut off from an answering machine, answered by a child, or received on a cellular phone that dropped the call mid-message:

  • Call toll-free (877)698-3261 or (866)321-4255 from any touch-tone phone.
  • At the greeting, press 1, and then enter the phone number that One Call Now dialed.  This is the phone number that you have given to the school to reach you.
  • Your school can also request a touch-tone response during a message.  For example, you may hear a message such as "This is Principal Willis from Shenandoah High School with a reminder that the FFA Banquet is Saturday evening.  Press 1 if you plan on attending, press 2 if you are unable to attend".
  • Please note that if this message is left on voicemail or an an answering machine, you will need to call back into the toll-free number to respond to it.  Simply dial (877)698-3261 or (866)321-4255 from any touch-tone phone, press 1, enter your phone number, listen to the message, and then respond by pressing 1 or 2.  To learn more, visit www.onecallnow.com.