National Library Week  

April 8-14, 2012

You Belong @ Your Library


How Many Jelly Beans are in the Jar?

There were 689 Jelly Beans in the Jar!

Your winner is Eva Cave with a guess of 690! 

Daily Question

Each day during National Library Week we will ask a question about books and libraries.  You may guess 1 time each day.  You could win books! 


Friday's Question

How many AR tests has the library written?

Friday's Answer

Students, teachers and librarians at SHS have written 214 tests just for Shenandoah students!

Your winner is Seth Cordle is your winner with a guess of 207!


Thursday's Question

Cancelled due to Illness.

Wednesday's Question

How much $ did we earn from our Book Fair this year?

Wednesday's Answer

We earned $312.84 for the library from this year's Book Fair.

Your winner is Jackie Hernandez with a guess of $312.  Samantha Vance was very close.


Tuesday's Question

How many poetry books are in the high school library?

Tuesday's Answer

There are 225 poetry books in the high school library.

Your winner is Kenzie Riggs with a guess of 215!


Monday's Question

How many students visited the library last school year?

Monday's Answer

13,722 students visited the library last school year. 

Your winner is Mrs. Goff with a guess of 10,421!  Your student winner is Justice Wolcott with a guess of 7,689! 





By Shelby Allgood