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Need a new book to read? Check out some of your fellow students' favorite books!

Vengeance Road

By Erin Bowman

Our horses' footsteps were the only sound to be heard throughout the desert.  My name is Katie, and I'm accompanied by Jesse and Will.  We're on a hunt for a mine, not for the gold, but for the people who want the gold.  The Rose Riders.  I've been mapping out and writing down everything that hasa happened so far.  I've titled it "Vengeance Road."  I believe you would really enjoy it once I'm finished.  We've had a lot of crazy things happen to us, and I can't imagine what will happen to us on our way to the mine and back.  I will definetly be happy to lend you the hournal once we return home.                           

Recommended by Emma Hancock

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

by Phillip Hoose

I'm Knud Pedersen, a Danish teenager.  My country was invadedd by the Germans during WWII.  My country's government handed over Denmark to the Germans without fighting.  I formed the RAF club, or Royal Air Force Club after the brave British Air Force who keep the Germans out of the sky above Britian.  I sabotaged the German soldiers by taking guns away from them, then I had to move schools, so I started a new club called the Churchill Club and continue to spark the Danish Revellion.  I may end up in jail.    

            Recommended by Blake Poffenbarger

Saving Red

by Sonya Sones

My name is Molly, and this is a story about me, my service dog, Pixel, my love interest, Cristo, and a homeless girl named Red, who I'm not really supposed to get involved with, but I do anyway.  Red beceomes my best friend throughout the story, but it's very hard to get her to do anything until she realizes I have some issues too.  Red ends up helping me overcome some of my problems while I sort of get her to a safe place in her life.  We all got each other to realize we aren't alone in our mini battles we fight with ourselves.            

Recommended by Kamryn Buck

Red Rising

by Pierce Brown

Everything is changing.  They took my wife!  When I tried to give up, Ares saved me.  Now I'm fighting for my wife's dream.  Do I have what it takes?    

            Recommended by Ben Watters

Queen of Shadows

By Sarah Maas

I have to free my brother Aedion from the demon that is the king as well as free my friend, the Prince, from the demon that inhabits him.  I also have to free magic from the land and return to my homeland to rule it.  Hopefully with the king's head in tow, but I won't do it alone, as I have friends in the rebels.                            

Recommended by Waylon Jennings

Perfect Chemistry

by Simone Elkeles

My name is Brittany Ellis, and everyone thinks my whole life is perfect.  They think I have a perfect boyfriend, perfect clothes, just everything perfect.  Little does everyone know I'm just like everyone else.  Everything is smooth until I get partnered with Alex Fuentes.  How will my life change and will everything be okay in the end?    

            Recommended by Hailey Lohrey

Rules of Attraction

By Simone Elkeles

Carlos Fuentes, Alex's younger brother, returns to Colorado after living in Mexico with his mother and younger brother.  What happens when Carlos gets caught doing something and gets sent to live with a family that's totally opposite than he is...                            

Recommended by Hailey Lohrey

Snow White

by Matt Phelan

I have always gotten everything I wanted, from the fame to the riches of that sucker of a so called Husband.  While I sit here with all my money, poor Snow is off away somewhere trying to make her daddy proud.  Ha, what a wretched child.  Oh, time to check how my- I mean our stocks are doing.  What!  No, no, no!  Why is it all going down?  Wait, what is this?  Who is the most beautiful of them all?  Well, me of course.  What?  That's a lie!  That wretched child is nothing compared to me!  Why I ought to teach her a lesson by taking from her, for taking my title of most beautiful.    

            Recommended by Matthew Caldwell


By Affinity Konar

"The Zoo" is not a zoo, but a firey hell.  There are no animals, no mesmerized visitors.  There is only suffering.  This where thousands of children will never gorw to be an adult.  This is where children, twins to be specific, become nothing more than an experiment.

Hello, I'm one of the lost children.  I never saw the end of the war.  But don't be discouraged.  Some of us made it.  This is a book about them, us, the ones who made it and the ones who didn't.  This is Stasha ad Pearl's story.                          

Recommended by Sarah Sinzheimer

I'll Give You The Sun

by Jandy Nelson

The people in front of me have the most creative and amazing minds I've ever seen.  I have seen everyone who walks into this studio, but I've never seen anyone like them.  Their names are Guillermo, Jude and Noah.  Jude and Noah are twins, while Guillermo is the scultor.  They all share this way of thining that makes the world seem so much brighter.  I listen to them talk every day.  Guillermo made me with his own two hands, a chisel, and a hammer.  When he began, I was just a plain rock, almost taller than him.  He's made many others like me, scattered througout the studeio.  He makes us with memories in mind; we all tell a story.  Just like the twins.  It's an amazing adventure; one I've never seen before.  I wish you could have a chance to come see them and learn their stories; it's truly amazing.    

            Recommended by Emma Hancock

I Am the Weapon

By Allen Zadoff

I'm a teenage assassin, hired to kill people.  My new target is the mayor of NYC.  My mission is to get close to his daughter, gain trust, and kill him.  Things get complicated when his daughter and I fall in love.  Then The Program tells me of a new target, the Mayor's daughter.                          

Recommended by  Blake Poffenbarger

Kiss of Deception

by Mary Pearson

No!  I refuse to marry someone I don't love.  I don't even know what he looks like!  I'm no pawn in my father's army.  Goodbye!    

            Recommended by Ben Watters

Golden Son

By Pierce Brown

Carved from worthless red to shining gold, I fight to kill the sovereign and end the oppressive society of colors and free my people.                            

Recommended by Waylon McClure

A Song to Take the World Apart

by Zan Romanoff

The song I had picked to sing was filled with emotion.  I had gathered a small group of people by the time I got to the first chorus.  I had my eyes closed, facing the ocean, when I heard their footsteps gathering.  I turned around and noticed them all staring at me.  They had a glassed-over look in their eyes, tears coming from the corners.  I was shocked.  How did this happen?  What did I do?    

            Recommended by Emma Hanocock

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

By Mitch Albom

I didn't have the greatest father or the greatest life when I was alive.  but I had purpose, and I affected others, though I didn't know it at the time.  Instead of living happily, I kept myself back from many things.  So I thought I didn't do anything for anyone.  But how I've learned what my purpose in life was.                            

Recommended by Yulia Robbins

Philosophical life lessons are the greatest things, when you're dead.  In my situation, when you're attached to the guy who has to learn them, you really get the opportunity for some introspection.  You see, Eddie (the guy I'm stuck to), suffered a harsh life, and he learned that some of that was because of me; because of other people!  If you are ever presented with the oppotunity to meet stiffs who mostly affected your life (whether you met them or not), then be prepared for some mind blowing stuff.  For instance, you'll learn how I became such an influential cornerstone to Eddie's character.

Recommended by Jackson Goyette

Eddie worked at Ruby Pier pretty much his whole life.  Limping around, fixing rides, and making pipe-cleaner animals for the kids.  He was a great maintenance man, and I filled him.  Eddie went to Heaen to learn his final lessons from five different people, and I got shut down.

Recommended by Taylor Rogers

A Madness So Discreet

by Mindy McGinnis

Most people think that being loud & fighting back will save them. But it doesn't.  The more quiet you are, the less people will notice you.  Sometimes I wonder if I've gone truly insane.  Nowhere is safe.  Not even in my mind.  The memories tear me apart.  The girl who believes there are spiders in her veins goes into a room and comes back out quiet & expressionless.  I see two other men come into the room & leave placent.  I raise my voice for once, asking for that same mercy.    

            Recommended by Yulia Robbins

We Know It Was You

By Maggie Thrash

I've never been popular or sort of a real interest at school, until something tragic happened.  I've always been that real geeky kid who everyone makes fun of, but one day, I started a mystery club, and a girl, Virginia, actually got involved in it.  I thought it was all a joke, until we  actually had a mystery case to solve.  One night at a football game, the mascot, which was supposed to be a well-liked, popular girl, threw itself over the bridge.  Later Virginia and I started to investigate it and figured out it's a lot deeper than a popular girl and a mascot costume.  We come across a lot of humiliartion, hypnosis, psychopaths, laws being crossed, and detectives through the whole mess of a story.  Once we got further into this, we found out many people were greatly affected by only 1 person's materpiece of a skill.  At the end of the book, we end up saving people's lives, getting closer to one another, and changing a whole lot of things around us in a positive way.                                

Recommended by  Kamryn Buck

 Tuesdays with Morrie

by Mitch Albom

Morrie Schwartz is my lovable college professor who find out he is dying.  This story is about his last few weeks told by me, Mitch Albom.  I was one of Morrie's former students and luckily I found out just in time that we needed each other's company during his final moments.  He truly is "a teacher to the last."    

            Recommended by Taylor Rogers