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Chasing Brooklyn

By Lisa Schroeder

Hi, my name is Brooklyn.  My life has been a mess the past year.  First my boyfriend dies, and I think it can't get any worse, but I thought wrong.  Life just keep sgetting harder and harder, and it doesn't help that everytime I go to sleep I have these nightmares.  What do these nightmares mean?  Is it a clue?  Maybe a sign?  Read Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder to find out.                             

Recommended by Hailey Lohrey

Find Me

by Romily Bernard

I thought I was just Wick Tate, the computer hacker who looked into people's lives, but a diary showed up  to my house, and it changed everything.  It's a girls' named Tessa Waye, who had just been found dead, and inside her diary I find the words, "Find me."  Why would someone give this to me when all I am is a computer genius?  It turns me into more of a detective than what should be expected.  I begin to realize my whole life is involved until I solve this mystery.  As I get deeper into this, I begin to realize my sister and i are the next targets.  I start to get involved with another hacker, who turns into someone special in my life.  Once things really start to get personal, we become a dream team going against my dead-beat dad, a detective who knows all about my work, and the killer who has my family targeted.  Who or what will stop me?  

            Recommended by Kamryn Buck

Saving Red

by Sonya Sones

My name is Molly, and this is a story about me, my service dog, Pixel, my love interest, Cristo, and a homeless girl named Red, who I'm not really supposed to get involved with, but I do anyway.  Red beceomes my best friend throughout the story, but it's very hard to get her to do anything until she realizes I have some issues too.  Red ends up helping me overcome some of my problems while I sort of get her to a safe place in her life.  We all got each other to realize we aren't alone in our mini battles we fight with ourselves.            

Recommended by Kamryn Buck