Graduation Requirements

& Presentations


Starting in January Mr. Riedner will begin meeting with each grade in reverse order (Juniors first) beginning with a large classroom presentations followed by individual scheduling meetings. All students will be provided with a copy of their transcript and will be advised regarding their fulfillment of graduation requirements. Students will be required to make their course selections online using Harmony. Below are resources used during the scheduling process.

8th Grade Parent Night

3/15/17 @ 6:00pm

On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Shenandoah High School will hosted our annual 8th Grade Parent Night in the high school cafeteria. During our meeting parents had the ooprtunity to hear a presentation about high school diploma options as well as elective course offerings for incoming Freshmen. Below are handouts from that meeting.

Parents with any questions are encouraged to contact Mr. Riedner at (765) 354-6640 x410 or

Junior College Night

3/23/17 @ 6:00pm

On Thursday, March 23, 2017 SHS hosted our sixth annual College Night Presentation for all members of the Junior Class. Below are resources from the meeting.

Shenandoah High School participates in the following vocational cooperatives.

See Mr. Riedner for more information.

Anderson High School District 26 Career Campus