Financial Aid Links

21st Century Scholars Program Information

The following requirements take effect with the graduating class of 2017!

  1. All students must complete the grade-level requirements for the Scholar Success Program using their ScholarTrack account(Seniors must have all requirements complete by June 30, 2017). Click here to access your ScholarTrack Account.
  2. Students must grade with a minimum 2.5 GPA (6.4 on a 12.0 scale)
  3. Student must earn a minimum of a Core 40 Diploma
  4. Student must complete a Financial Means test during their senior year to verify that they still meet the eligiblity guidelines for the 21st Century Scholars Program

Here is a link to a Student Loan Repayment calculator. You can use this application to estimate what your student loan payments may be.


Below are some helpful resources that you will need as you start the process of applying for financial aid.

1.) Use this link to creat an FSA ID which is required to sign your FAFSA form online.

2.) Use the link below to complete your FAFSA application. (Due March 10, 2017)


3.) Once you have filed your FAFSA form all students need to create an eStudent account with the Division of Student Financial Aid (formerly the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana). Creating an eStudent account will allow you to view your state and federal financial aid awards. You may use the link below to access eStudent and then follow the directions for creating an account.