Shenandoah Food Service

Meet our Food Service Director, Mrs. Krista Demick.  Mrs. Demick oversees the cafeteria at both the Shenandoah Elementary School as well as the Shenandoah Middle/Shenandoah High School.  Mrs. Demick works with our head cooks to provide your child with a hot, fresh, appealing breakfast and lunch while following the Federal School Nutrition Guidelines.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Demick with comments, concerns and suggestions.  Mrs. Demick may be reached at telephone (765) 354-6636 Ext. 213 or by email: kdemick@shenandoah.k12.in.us




Shenandoah Elementary School

Student Breakfast Regular $ .75

Student Breakfast Reduced $ .30

Student Lunch Regular $1.25 tray

Student Lunch Reduced $ .40 tray

Adult Lunch $3.00 tray


Please apply today!

The National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, NSLP/SBP, is a federal program which assists our families AND our schools.  Your family may qualify for free or reduced benefits for lunch, breakfast and/or textbooks while the school is eligible to receive additional program dollars based on the percentages calculated for qualifying households.  We ask that each household complete an application EVEN IF A QUALIFYING HOUSEHOLD NOTIFIES THE SCHOOL THAT IS CHOOSES TO DECLINE BENEFITS.

Each year at the beginning of school, Shenandoah School Corporation must distribute letters to all households of children attending our schools.  This letter tells families which school nutrition programs are available and that meals may be free or at a reduced price, or that milk may be available for free.  Our corporation makes the letter and application available on our school website in a downloadable form or your may pick up the application and letter of instruction up at your child's school.

Please make sure to fill in only one form (application) per household, even if the children are in different schools.  You must mark the textbook section to be eligible for textbook reductions and sign the form in the textbook section.  Free or reduced textbook eligibility will substantially reduce your textbook cost.  You may still be required to pay some materials fees.  Answers to questions are on the Free/Reduced Meal and Textbook Application.

Lunch money made easy!

CAFE PREPAY is here, <click> the logo above to get started!


To help simplify payment of school lunches, Shenandoah School Corporation has enrolled in an internet-based service called CAFE PREPAY. This service is a website where you can pay for school lunch, snacks, and ala carte items using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Participation in this service is voluntary,you may enroll at anytime. CAFE PREPAY enables parents to keep track of their child's account balance. In addition, the website offers Automatic Replenish.

This is optimal for the student whose lunch spending varies greatly from day to day. With automatic replenish, when the student's account balance goes below a specified amount, another specified amount is then deposited into the student's account via your credit/debit card. Your selected card will not be charged until the student's balance goes below the specified dollar amount, nor will your student run out of money in their account!

2011-2012 Free and Reduced Information



Dear Parent/Guardian:


Children need healthy meals to learn. Shenandoah Elementary School offers healthy meals every school day.  The breakfast regular price is $ .75; lunch is $1.25.  Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals.  Reduced price is $ .30 for breakfast and $ .40 for lunch.


1. Who can get free or reduced price meals?  All children in households receiving Food Stamps or TANF can get free meals regardless of your income.  Also, if your household income is within the limits on the Federal Income Chart, your children can get free or reduced price meals.

2. Do I need to fill out an application for each child?  No.  Complete the application to apply for free or reduced price meals.  Use one application for all students in your household.  We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information.  Return the completed application to: Shenandoah Elementary School

3. Can foster children get free meals?  Yes, foster children that are under the legal responsibility of a foster care agency or court, are eligible for free meals.  Any foster child in the household is eligible for free meals regardless of income. 

4. My child's application was approved last year.  Do I need to fill out another one? Yes.  Your child's application is only good for that school year and for the first few days of this school year.  You must send in a new application unless the school told you that your child is eligible for the new school year.

5. Should I fill out an application if I received a letter this school year saying my children are approved for free meals?  Please read the letter you got carefully and follow the instructions.  Call the school at (765) 354-6636 if you have questions.

6. I get WIC.  Can my children get free meals?  Children in households participating in WIC may be eligible for free or reduced price meals.  Please fill out an application.

7. Can migrant, homeless, or runaway children get free meals?  Yes, children who meet the definition of homeless, runaway, or migrant qualify for free meals.  If you haven't been told your children will get free meals, please call or e-mail Wendy Riggs, Coordinator (765) 354-6636 to see if they qualify.

8. May I apply if someone in my household is not a U. S. citizen?  Yes.  You or your children do not have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify for free or reduced price meals.

9. Who should I include as members of my household?  You must include all people living in your household, related or not (such as grandparents, other relatives, or friends) who share income and expenses.  You must include yourself and all children who live with you.  If you live with other people who are economically independent (for example, people who do not support, who do not share income with you or your children, and who pay a pro-rate share of expenses), do not include.

10.   Will the information I give be checked?  Yes, we may ask you to provide written proof.

11.   What if my income is not always the same?  List the amount that you normally receive.  For example, if you normally get $1000 each month, but you missed some work last month and only got $900, put down that you get $1000 per month.  If you normally get overtime include it, but do not include it if you only work overtime sometimes.  If you have lost a job or had your hours or wages reduced, use your current income.

12.   We are in the military; do we include our housing allowance as income?  If you get an off-base housing allowance, it must be included as income.  However, ifyour housing is part of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, do not include your housing allowance as income. 

13.   My spouse is deployed to a combat zone.  Is her/his combat pay counted as income?  No, if the combat pay is received in addition to her basic pay because of her deployment and it wasn't received before she was deployed, combat pay is not counted as income.  Contact your school for more information.

14.   If I don't qualify now, may I apply again later?  Yes.  You may apply at any time during the school year.  For example, children with a parent or guardian who becomes unemployed may become eligible for free and reduced price meals if the household income drops below the income limit.

15.   My family needs more help.  Are there other programs available?  To find out how to apply for food stamps or other assistance benefits, contact your local assistance office.

16.   What if I disagree with the school's decision about my application?  You should talk to the school officials.  You also may ask for a hearing by calling or writing to the Central Office at (765) 354-2266.


We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information.  Return the completed application to: Wendy Riggs, Coordinator, Shenandoah Elementary School, 5256 North Raider Road, Middletown, IN  47356


If you have other questions or need help, call (765) 354-2266

Si necesita ayuda, por favor llame at teléfono: (765) 354-2266

Si vous voudriez d'aide, contactez nous au numero: (765) 354-2266.




Brent Kinsey, Principal




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