ISTEP+ End of Course Assessment (ECA) Info

The ISTEP+ ECA (stands for End of Course Assessment) testing program has now replaced the ISTEP+/ GQE testing program as the Graduation Qualifying Exam for all students in the graduating class of 2012 and beyond. This means that in order to qualify for an Indiana high school diploma a student must pass both the English 10 ECA as well as the Algebra 1 ECA in addition to earning the minimum number of credits (46) required by our School Corporation. Although passing the Biology 1 ECA is not required for graduation, all students enrolled in Biology 1 are required to take the ECA as part of the testing requirement set forth by No Child Left Behind. Students typically take the accompanying ECA once they have completed the associated class. In other words, once a student completes both semesters of Algebra 1 or English 10, they are administered the corresponding Algebra 1 and English 10 ECAs.


There are instances in which a waiver may be given in place of passing an ECA.  However, there are strict criteria that must be met for this to happen. In order for a student to qualify for an ECA Waiver for either test, they must satisfy all 5 criteria listed below:

  1. Take the ECA test every opportunity is is offered. (Most students will have a min. of 5 opportunities throughout high school to take an ECA exam.)
  2. Participate in remediation during each school year following the first time they take the test.
  3. Maintain a 95% attendance rate throughout high school\
  4. Maintain a C average in 34 core classes
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in the state standards for the specific subject area for which they are seeking a waiver (Algebra 1 or English 10) through classroom work as observed by the classroom teacher