AP & Dual Credit Info

Attention Students Taking A Dual Credit Class for the 2017-18 School Year

Before a student can enroll in a Dual Credit class at Shenandoah High School they must meet the enrollment standards set forth by Ivy Tech Community College which include a 25 in Reading, 26 in Writing, and 27 in Mathematics on the PSAT test. If you have not achieved these scores or have not yet taken the PSAT, you will need to take the Accuplacer Placement Exam and score a 74 in Elementary Algebra, 76 in Reading, and a 80 in Sentence Skills to qualify to enroll in a dual credit class. Before a student is able to take the Accuplacer Exam they must complete a Dual Credit Application through Ivy Tech. Completing a Dual Credit Application assigns a student an Ivy Tech CO# which is required in order to access the online testing program. Please follow the directions below to complete the Dual Credit Application. Study Resources for the Accuplacer Exam are also listed below.

  1. Select the link below to access the Ivy Tech Dual Credit Application.
  2. Fill out the boxes of desired information.  If you see a red asterisk, those are required fields. You MUST know your 9 digit social security number.
  3. Keep hitting the green “Continue” button at the bottom of each page.
  4. Juniors should enter a graduation date of June 2018, Sophomores should enter June 2019 and Freshmen should enter June 2020.
  5. For the High School Information, click on the search icon (the magnifying glass) and enter the first word of your HS name and then click on the magnifying glass again.You will see your complete HS name. Then click on your complete HS name and it will be entered for you.If you are also taking classes through a career center, follow the same process to enter the career center.
  6. The last page will be a Summary in which you can edit if you find any mistakes.  Then select continue.
  7. Finally you will see a green “Submit Application” which you will hit to submit.

Shenandoah High School continues to make efforts to expand the opportunities for students to earn college credits while enrolled in high school. Students enrolled in high school have mutliple options to earn college credit while in high school,; however, the three most prevalent options are Advanced Placement (called "AP" for short), the Advance College Project through Indiana University (called "ACP" for short), and Dual Credit. Below is a brief definition of all three along with resources further outling each option.

Advanced Placement (AP): Program sponsored by the CollegeBoard, the AP curriculum is aligned with college curriculum. When a student has completed an AP course which is typically a year in length, they have the opportunity to take a corresponding AP Exam. AP Exams are scored from 1-5 and students earning a 3, 4, or 5 are eligible to receive college credit. The exact details of what college credit is awarded varies between colleges. For more information, feel free to access the two doucments below: "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Indiana College and University AP policies." Current AP courses offered at Shenandoah include AP Calculus, AP Language & Composition (English 12A), and AP Literature & Composition (English 11A).

Advance College Project (ACP): ACP is a program sponsored by Indiana University and is housed on the Bloomington campus. The ACP program establishes partnerships with high school faculty approving high school teachers to teach IU courses. Students receive both high school credit and college credit for ACP courses completed. At the completion of a course all ACP credits are transcripted by IU Bloomington and are transferrable to anywhere IU Bloomington credit is accepted. For each semester of a high school course students are awarded 1 high school credit (2 credits for a year-long course). College courses typically grant 3-4 credits per course completed. Shenandoah High School does currently offer any courses through IU ACP.

Dual Credit: A general term to refer to any agreement between a post-secondary institution and a high school approving the high school to award college credit for specific courses. In the past SHS has entered into Dual Credit agreements with Ivy Tech Community College as well as Vincennes University. In order to be eligible to receive Dual Credit students need to meet certain testing requirements as a pre-requisite to enrollment. To see the transferabilty of specific Dual Credit courses, please use the link labeled "Core Transfer Library" listed below. Current Dual Credit courses taught at Shenandoah include:

  • Ivy Tech MATH 211 (Calculus): 4 credits
  • Ivy Tech MATH 136 (Pre-Calculus): 3 credits
  • Ivy Tech MATH 137 (Trigonometry): 3 credits
  • Ivy Tech CHEM 101 (Chemistry 2): 3 credits
  • Ivy Tech PHYS 101 (Physics): 4 credits
  • Ivy Tech HIST 102 (Adv US History): 3 credits
  • Ivy Tech DESN 101 (PLTW 1 Intro to Engineering): 3 credits
  • Ivy Tech BUSN 101 (Principles of Bus Mgmt): 3 credits
  • Ivy Tech CINS 101 (Digital Apps & Technology): 3 credits