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10 Champion Characteristics

Practice these principles to live life at your best everyday!

  1. Never criticize, condemn or complain.  Think of ways to improve the situation, as the big rewards go to those who find the solutions.
  2. Show real, hearty and honest appreciation.  Show others that they are valued, appreciated and loved.
  3. Think good thoughts about other people and yourself.
  4. Give before you get. Always give others a reason to agree with you before asking anything of them.  If there were a way that you could do that job faster, better, easier, you'd want to know about it, so share your ideas.
  5. Smile often.  It generates enthusiasm, friendliness and goodwill.
  6. Remember names.  A person's name is the sweetest, most important sound they will ever hear.  In addition, it always grabs their full attention.
  7. Listen well.  Encourage others to talk about themselves by asking questions.  Start questions with: who, what, where, when, why and how.
  8. Never engage in "worry" conversation or participate in gossip sessions.
  9. Look for and expect good things to happen to you, and inquire of others about good things that have happened to them.
  10. Think, look, and act happy and successful, and you will think, feel, and become happy and successful.