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We are off to a prertty good start in Social Studies this year.  We have been focusing on making sure we know our Continents/Oceans, and how to spell them correctly. The first couple of chapters focuses on geography pretty hard.  I would encourage making flash cards from all the vocabulary words to ensure understanding of key words.
We will be testing over chapter 1 on Thursday 8/16/12.  Make sure students review their notes and can comfortably locate all continents and oceans. Students will need to know their vocabulary words from Chapter 1 as well.
9-6-12 We have finished with our second test.  Class average on test two was 81%.  Please make sure your student can identify and spell the Continents and Oceans because they will be asked to do that on every test for quite some time.  I still have some students who are missing quite a few on their continents/oceans map do to spelling.  We will be starting on chapter 3 on Monday.  Having your student put vocabulary (key words) on flashcards would be a big help in preperation for tests.
9-25-12   Chapter 3 test is Thursday 9/27. Students will have the opportunity on tests to do one of two things:  1)  Students can make flashcards out of their key words from sections 1-4 of CH 3 and turn in the day of the test for 5 extra bonus pts added to their test score.  (2) Students can keep their flashcards and use them on the test.. but do not get the 5 bonus pts thinking they may be more valuable to have at their seat.  I would learn my vocabulary words and then turn in for 5 bonus if it was me.  But if student is a little unprepared..keeping the cards may be more of an asset.   Students will also be asked to turn in their chapter notes the day of the test as an assignment worth 10 pts....... trying to build rersponsibility  :)

May you have fair winds and calm seas!