Ms. Darci Hill, Kindergarten Teacher

Welcome to kindergarten with Ms. Darci Hill! I am so thrilled you are in my class! We are going to learn so much this year together. You will have to teach your parents a lot this year too. Things like how to do your homework and how to help you prepare for report card times. I am ready to watch you grow and learn many new things! *How about learning all the capital and lowercase letter names? *How about learning the sounds all the letters in the alphabet make? *How about counting to 100? *How about learning to read? *How about writing a sentence? Are you ready for an exciting adventure through kindergarten with me? Come on..........Let's begin! :)


A Little About Your Teacher...... I came to Shenandoah glad to be back "home." In college I was a voice/art major with a theater background and then added an elementary degree with a kindergarten endorsement to those. I received my masters in elementary education and continued on with my early childhood degree. By that time I was a working, single mom living in Indianapolis and was thrilled to find I had been hired at my alma mater, Shenandoah School Corporation. My daughter and I moved back to my home town and have lived here ever since. I have worked in several areas here at Shenandoah including kindergarten, physical education, and first grade. I also ran the latchkey program when it was piloted. I was excited about returning to kindergarten this year and love every minute of working with this grade level. My daughter, Adrienne is a freshman in college this year studying elementary education. (I wonder where she got that idea! Ha!) She also works for the Middle School and High School at the concession stands for various sporting events as well as substitutes for the school. We have two cats, Lucky and Ricky, who are both spoiled inside cats. Lucky is a tiger-striped cat who came to live with us when Adrienne was in the third grade. Ricky just moved in last month. Both seem to be getting used to sharing their space with us. My daughter and I enjoy many things together. We are slowly remodeling our home by way of the "trial and error" method ("that worked" and "don't try that again".....Ha!) It has been a fun and rewarding job to experience together. We also share a myriad of hobbies as well as activities together. I am proud to say she and I make a great team! I love my job and look forward to each new experience with my students. Although kindergarten expectations from the State of Indiana have changed, I am quickly finding my niche and am in full swing of attempting to find fun and exciting ways for my class and I to learn more together.