This Darkness Mine
By Mindy McGinnis

I've never had any trouble with me education, my future in the art of music, of my relationships, until a boy in the room of darkness shifts a part of me I never knew about.   I was begging for his touch and attention without ever knowing the actual feel behind it.  I barely know his name, let along the mysterious things he makes sure I notice he has learned about me.  I feel like I've renewed a piece of me that was never there, until I found the missing piece or rather person in me.  All along my mom kept the missing, jagged edge away from me that was the answer to the new, dark, and displeasing chapter in my life.  I never knew I absorbed my sister in the womb, and out "lives" would intervene.  
Things began to happen I never even imagined I could perform, and I began to plead for emotions to make way into my life I never remember experiencing.  Am I who I think I really am, or is my sister taking over the life she wants to live?  

Recommended by Kamryn Buck

By Mindee Arnett

I am 17-years-old and the leader of the Malleus Shades, a group of teenage spaceship thieves.  My name is Jeth, an expert marksman, and there's nothing I care about more than my little sister, Lizzie, and my ship, Avalon.  I don't love being a criminal, but I'm good at it.  Maybe a little too good.  All I want out of life is to get out from under the control of the notorious crime lord, Hammer Dafoe.  He's tortured me for way too long.  All my friends left on my ship, which Hammer kept three of us.

Recommended by Conner Ramsey

One Was Lost
By Natalie Richards

My name is Sera, and I never imagined that the camping trip would turn into this.  It was supposed to be a fun class field trip, but instead it quickly turned into pure chaos.  I did not expect to wake up and find a word written on my arm.  We don't know who did this and becaus of that, we're all pointing figners at each other.  We were drugged; someone stole our stuff; and we have no way to get home.  We are stuck in this nightmare, and we have no idea what we are supposed to do.  Do we stay and wait for help?  Do we run for our lives and never look back?  We are just trying to do everything we can to stay alive.  

Recommended by Baylee Chambliss

Vow of Thieves
By Mary Pearson

I couldn't beleive it.  After all of these years, the Ballengers would finally be recognized as the true, first kingdom.  They had been through so much together, but the family tradition was strong.  I had always been passed along.  I had once thought the previous Patrei was my favorite, but ever since I was passed to Jace, I knew he was going to be an amazing leader.  After the girl kidnapped Jase and dragged us across the continent, I thought that it was the end.  But to my surprise, Hellsmouth and Tors Watch would finally be recognied.  The trip home was very interesting.  The Patrei had fallen in love.  It was an unlikely match, but it was obvious, even to a ring, that they were meant to be.  I was just as excited to be home as Jace, but even miles from our destination somelthing felt off.  They didn't seem to notice until we had pulled up to Hellsmouth.  The town was completely silent.  This was very unusual.  I tried as hard as I could to tell them to get out of there, but I'm only a ring.  There was nothing I could do.  One, two, three, four... I had lost count as arrow after arrow plunged into my maser.  His wife fought hard killing a few of the attackers.  She sent Jace's horse flying into the woods, and I could feel her desperation to him to survive.  All I could do was hope.

Recommended by Schyler Gee

The Honeymoon
By James Patterson

Think serial killer.  Is it a man or woman?  Do they have children?  What about parents who cared and loved them unconditionally?  What is a serial killer?

Well... it turns out I am.

When you watch the most important person in your life murdered, by the second most important person in your life, your thoughts and perspective change.  My mother killed my father when I was six-years-old.  She told me that all men deserved to suffer like my father made my mother suffer.So while my mother was serving a life sentence in a mental institution, I was doing what she couldn't.  Making all men suffer.

I had rough childhood.  I was tossed from home to home, wishing that my mother and I could be together again... and the day that I turned eighteen, I set out to do exactly what my mother wanted me to.  

I have always been good at hiding my feelings.  I don't cry or tell people hos I feel.  I help myself, and if that means hurting another, then so be it.  I found a man that I truly loved once, and then he died.  Was it a sign that I didn't need any men in my life, and ai needed to get rid of them all?  Well, that's how I took it, and I took all his money.  From that point on, I swore to never fall in love again, and if I did... I would get rid of that problem.

Then I married one man, and fell in love with two others... Will I kill them all, settle down, or get caught?

Recommended by Danielle Bryant

By Noelle Stevenson

Hey!  Hey you!  Read my book!  Because I say so!  I'm a shapeshifter named Nimona.  My book has dragons, evil plots, and the best bad guy every, Lord Ballister Blackheart.  Not only is he the best bad guy ever, he is my best friend ever! (More on that in my story).  Anywho, if you like science, shapeshifting, awesome bad guys and of course shapeshifters (me!), then you'll love my story because all of those things are in there.  As a bonus, there's also a guy named Goldenlion who ruins my fun, but he's not important, I am.  Anywho, you absolutely, positively need to read this because I am a shapeshifter, and I say so!

Recommended by Rachel Painter

Far From You
By Lisa Schroeder

Alice has a great love for music and her mother.  But when her mother passes away from cancer, Alice's life is flipped upside down.  Alice hates her new family after her father remarries and has a little girl with her new stepmom.  Not long after the baby is born, the family decides to take a trip to her stepmom's parents in California.  but when the family head back, the baby, stepmom, and Alice are trapped in a snow storm with no way to contact others for help.  Will they make it out?  Will Alice change her opinion about her new family?

Recommeded by Makayla Hummel

By Julie Kagawa

I woke up to a cool, grey sky.  Almost as bleak as my emotions, even when I thought about her.  Ember Hill, the girl I had met in Crescent Beach.  Or, should I say, the dragon that I met in Crescent Beach.  Thankfully, my instincts were not working properly, otherwise I might still be mindlessly killing her kind, as a modern day dragonslayer.

I stopped thinking about these thoughts and started to plan my next move.  But my thoughts still flickered to Ember, and my ex-partner, Tristan St. Anthony.One had been freed of the organization and was not with Riley (A.K.A. Ex-Agent Cobalt), a "Rogue", or dragon that is not aligned with Talon.  The other was still under the influence of the Patriarch, the holy leader of the Order of St. George.

I forced myself back to the plan at hand.  I was going to have to find the Patriarch in all of London and see what was going on in the Order AND not get shot in the process.  I had to find out why Riley's safe houses were going down and how, of all people, the Patriarch of St. George is involved in Talon's business when the two sides were mortal enemies.  Otherwise, you could be next on the chopping block, Garret Xavier Sebastian.  

Recommended by Garrett Harding

Long Way Down
By Jason Reynolds

My name is Will, and the day my brother was shot was the worst day of my life.  But in our neighborhood, we have rules.  I was taught my entire life to abide by these rules.  No crying.  No snitching.  And always get revenge, no matter what.  But one elevator ride could change everything.  Does there come a time when it's better to not follow the rules?  

Recommended by Baylee Chambliss

One of Us is Lying
By Karen McManus

I, Simon Kelleher the high school gossip, was in detention one day in Mr. Avery's classroom.  During detention that day, I mysteriously died, and no one knows who to suspect.  The gossips group that I ran is called "About That" and it aggregates the juiciest gossip on campus.  My reports are almost never inaccurate.  I also use my fellow students' initials so no one can suspect me as the person who is writing these things.  Would would kill me?  Why would they?  Was it revenge or to cope with anger?  The quest to find my killer is on.

Recommended Conner Ramsey

On the Come Up
By Angie Thomas

It's never failed me that I was going to become one of the biggest rappers, but I had huge shoes to fill in the making.  The one person I found myself in and looked up to was dead, my mom wound up with addicts, and my school found me as a thug just because of my skin color. I had a chance to pour all of my frustration and resentment into a song I thought was going to be a my-ears-only, but once it was out, there was no going back.  It gave me hope, it made me feel alive, and most of all it made me become known in a place I seemed invisible.  I was doing it, I was okay, and my family finally had a chance, until the song that couldn't been my everything created huge conflicts with the lyrics in my song against everyone who didn't know me.  I needed this to work for my broken family more than I wanted it for myself.  I don't want to become the "thug" the public had made me out to be.  I want to use my freedom of speech freely to show people the real rapper Bri, but how do I do that when my life and my family's is in serious danger?

Recommended by Kamryn Buck

A Madness So Discreet
By Mindy McGinnis

My name is Grace.  I was put into an asylum because I got pregnant out of wedlock, and my parents were too ashamed to have me around.  Not long after living in the horrid walls of the Boston asylum, Dr. Thornhollow, a man I have come to know very well, rescued me.  He then made me his apprentice, helping him look for clues and solve murders.  I stay now in an asylum in Ohio where I play the part of a mute.  I have made two friends while staying here, Nell and Elizabeth.  They help me in many occasions along the way.  There's a killer on the loose, and Dr. Thornhollow and I are trying to catch him.  Do you think we will?

Recommended by Avery Chapin