By Melissa Landers

In my past years, I've seen many faces get on board.  I use to be brand new, shiny.  Now, everyone seems to call me a "hunk of junk," but I beg to differ. 

As I fly through space, my engine jumps, but that's usual.  The captain and his crew are in the common room; they talk loudly, about a pirate, who seems to bring trouble.  My only job in this situation is to fly as strongly as I can, which sometimes is difficult.  Though, Solara always seems to know how to fix me up.  She's relatively new, along with Doran.  They argue so much that I usually just have to turn them out.  It's nice, though, to see everyone come together as a team when it's needed.

Flying past, the word "BANSHEE" is painted in red on my side, faded, but noticeable.

Recommended by Emma Hancock

St. Michael's Scales
By Neil Connelly

I'm not your average kid.  Let's start with the fact that I'm a freshman in high school, yet I am two years older than everyone else.  I am also the smallest kid in high-school.  I was born a twin, but I was premature while my brother was healthy.  But on a traumatic and surprising turn of events, my twin brother passes away, which leaves me and my family to try to remember Michael as best as possible.  Then one day I had a nightmare... It should have been me.  Michael never should have died.  But as I thought about my dream more and more, I knew what I had to do...

Recommended by Blake Alfrey

Demon King
By Cinda Williams Chima

Dear Diary,

A lot has happened in the past few months: my name day, Amon coming back from Ome's Ford, and the most eventful, almost being married to a wizard.  I've met some interesting characters such as cuff or Han Allister, the notorious street gang leader that seemed to be not so notorious.  Then there was finding out the queen's guard is full of bullies, that was hard, and of course I wish I could see my dad more often.  My mother seemed to be getting more and more distant from me while getting closer to the high wizard (the reason behind that now evident).   So now I'm on the run, exiled out of my own kingdom, seeking refuge at Oden's Ford.  There's no tellign what kind of trouble I'll be getting into.


The Heir to the Grey Wolf Throne

Recommended by Schyler Gee

By Carl Deuker

Have you ever been scared to take a hit?  I fear being hi.  Which is sad, since I am a goalie.  but at Gilman Park one day during summer, I knew I was going to have to change that.  I met a boy named Richie Fang.  The day I met him, I knew it would be different.  Then one day, I met star quarterback Hunter Gates.  His dad called me over because he saw I had good hands.  As I played wide receiver for Hunter, Hunter's dad approached me and told me to try out for the team.  But my parents make me promise to quit if I ever get a concussion.  When you fear contact, that shouldn't be a problem.  But when school starts,Richie and Hunter don't become friends; they become enemies.  And the bullying cycle begins.  For two year I struggle with trying to side with both.  Then at the end of my Sophomore year, I had to do something that would change my name from Gutless to Hero. 

Recommended by Blake Alfrey

The Ruins of Gorlan

By John Flanagan

My name is Will.  I'm an orphan in the Castle Redmont.  In a couple of days, the Masters of their craft will pick their apprentices.  I want to be a warrior, but I'm small for my age.  I hope I'm chosen.  I don't want to end up on a farm.

Recommended by Chris Williams

The Fixer
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

What happens when someone of high power dies and your new friend thinks her dad may have been involved?  You have found a phone number with two numbers and when you call the numbers, one picks up and says "You'll have the money when I'm elected"? Do you report this information to the authorities, or do you try and solve this myerder mystery yourself? 

Read The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes to see what Tess and Vivie do...

Recommended by Kelsey McGill

The Long Game
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

You just saved your "sister" from being held captive from a compromised Secret Service agent, now what do you do?  What do you say when people approach you for help solving their problems?  Do you accept and help, or do you say no?  What if it turns out to be someone close to you causing the problems?

Read The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Recommended by Kelsey McGill

November Blues
By Sharon Draper

Oh goodness what do I do?  First my boyfriend dies, and now I find out I'm pregnant with his child  Who can I go to about this, and what's mom going to think?

Recommended by Waylon McClure

The Lovely Bones
By Alice Sebold

My name is Susie Salmon.  I was 14 when I was murdered.  I wasn't murdered by a stranger.  I was murdered by someone I knew.  Now I'm in the in-between.  I can watch my family, friends, even my killer.  I see the confusion and pain my death causes.  I try to guide them to find my killer, but that's almost impossible when you can't be seen or heard.  As my family's life unfolds, I have to stand by, unseen, and watch.  Will my family ever be okay?  Will my killer ever be caught?  Only time will tell, and I have all the time in the world.  

Recommended by Sarah Jent

By Julie Kagawa

Ember-- I'm finally free!  Well... sorta.  We have the entire summer to ourselves.  Just Dante and me without Talon watching over everything we do.

Garret-- Dragons are soulless monsters.  The Order of St. George and I will exterminate them all.  They will never again threaten humanity.

Recommended by Ben Watters

This is Not a Love Letter
By Kim Purcell

Hi, my name is Jessie.  One week, all I asked for was one week.  My boyfriend and I were not talking for one week, but that all changes when I wake up one morning and find out he is gone.  How do I react to this?  Is this my fault?  I just want you back into my arms and to forget this break.  To find out how life turns out and to see what all I go through to find my boyfriend, Read This is Not a Love Letter.

Recommended by Hailey Lohrey

A List of Cages
By Robin Roe

My name's Adam.  I'm a Senior, and my life is pretty good.  The only think making my life a little harder is having ADHD, but it isn't that bad.  I was sitting in the school psychologist's office, who I'm an aide to, when she told me to go find this Freshman kid.  It turned out to be my old foster brother, Julian, whom I haven't seen in five years!  He seems the same, quiet and unique and kind, but something seems different too. Something's going on with Julian.  Something's goin gon at his uncle's house.  I don't know what's wrong, but I have to help him.

Recommended by Sarah Jent

History Is All You Left Me
By Adam Silvera

The wind rushed by, whipping around my glass windows, high in the sky, many stories up.  Buildings alike surrounded me as we watched the civilians down below.  There was a young woman with a baby, a grandmother and her daughter, a business man rushing to work.  Out of all of these people, 3 caught my eye.  3 teenage boys run down the street, laughing and jumping around.  They seem to be having a good time as one tells a wild, funny story and the other listen closely.  It's interesting what you can learn about a person from just watching them walk.  All 3 boys live different lives, but all are connected.  How?

Recommended by Emma Hancock

Shadows on the Moon
By Zoe Marriott

I am Suzume.  I am Rin.  I am Yes.  I don't know who I am anymore.  All I know is I'll have my revenge for the destruction of my family.  With my power over illusions, I will destroy whoever ruined my family. 

Recommended by Ben Watters

By Stephen Lawhead

"What do we do now?" said Bram.  "well, what are our options," offered Iwan.  Tunnel vision  Bram, "the Normans have taken over everything, there is no stopping them... we have no options."  "There has to be something, sir," said Iwan shaking his head.  "I should have just killed the King when I had the chance," hissed Bram, while stamping out the rest of the fire.  "I don't think that would have made us any better off, and it defintely didn't help from what you did," said Iwan.  "What else was I to do, let that sorry excuse for a human being play with us like that," yelled Bram.  A long moment of silence plagued the two as they broke camp and continued on.  A few miles down the road and Iwan says, "Let's just regroup at the Green Land and assess what's best"...

Recommended by Schyler Gee

House of Dark Shadows
By Robert Liparulo

I was just a normal kid who was about to start at my new school.  But the move has been rough on me.  At our new house, I've noticed some strange things going on.  Portal to far away placed and noises from unknown areas is starting to freak me out.  Some rooms gon on forever and seem like they never end.  Only time will tell what will happen next, and hopefully I can keep myself and my family safe. 

Recommended by Charlie New

The Outcasts
By John Flanagan

I worry abourt Hal sometimes.  He's inventing so much, just doing a lot of things in that workshop of his.  He will be off to brotherband training soon.  Although I worry that the other boys will bully Hal.  I don't know if I'll let him go.

Recommended by Chris Williams

By Neal Shusterman

These Scythes stand for nothing the Scythdom believes in; they are corrupt and evil and I. Will. Kill. Them.

Recommended by Waylon McClure

By Veronica Rossi

After I join the military, I am seriously injured.  Broke almost every bone in my body.  But when I wake up, I have almost healed, and within a few days, I am completely healed.  I also have a strange metal bracket o n that won't come off.  I am told my name is war, that I'm one of the legendary four horseman.  I am captured by these people; they want to learn everything.  What do they want from me?  Are they going to take my powers?

Recommended by Justin Hummel

By Jennifer Armentrout

I just moved after my dad dies.  One of the first things I notice is this guy across the street.  He's hot.  Little did I know I'd fall in love with him, or that he was from another planet.  When I get hurt, close to death, his alien mojo rubs off on me.  Come to find out his brother has been missing for awhile now, maybe dead. There are people after us.  What do they want?  What will happen if they catch us?

Recommended by Justin Hummel