99 Days
By Katie Cotugno

Julia has always been beautiful, and Patrick never understood.  Julia was so intelligent, and Patrick could never be what she needed.  Patrick's thought that being there, no effort, would be enough for the amazing Julia.  So no, I have to prove my dear young brother wrong once again.  

Recommended by Kelsey McGill

Die For You
By Amy Dominy

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  She can be so naive.  She thinks this "amazing" trip to Italy working in the museum is going to be SO GREAT.  In reality, she is gonna get mugged, have no one to help her, and she is going to mess up her college track.  See, it's stupid.  She should just stick with the plan and quit day dreaming.  This is why she needs me, to keep her focused.  I love her and will do anything for her.    

Recommended by Kelsey McGill

Quarantine: The Saints
By Lex Thomas

Life in the school is rough!  It is sometimes a battle with motivation rather than a fight for food.  We don't know if David is Alive...  We saw the tunnel collapse, and we couldn't see him.  That knocked a lot of our gang's confidence down.  The gang is slowly falling apart because I am not a good leader.  Just like that The Loners turned to Loner...  Can I survive alone or will this new gang save me?  

Recommended by Blake Alfrey

P.S. I Still Love You 
By Jenny Han

Watching my older sisters grow up has taught me a lot of things, like a "little sisters do's and do not's" list (but mostly do nots!)   I've watched them make boy decisions, like Margot and Josh when she went off to college, and now Lara Jean and Peter.  I like Peter, and I'm not really sure why they've been arguing so much lately.  My dad has been amazing, though, and very helpful with my homework (I'm on to grown-up stuff now!)  I can't wait to grow up and be like Lara Jean and and Margot, but still be myself, as an independent woman!   

Recommended by Emma Hancock

Burn Baby Burn

By Meg Medina

My brother is a druggie.  Me and my boyfriend are the perfect target for a serial killer... and my basement is on fire... Great!  How lovely!    

Recommended by Waylon McClure

By Emmy Laybourne

What are we supposed to do?? We were just supposed to have a cruise and lose weight, not hide from coked up sugar vampires!!

Recommended by Waylon McClure

The Sun is Also a Star
By Nicola Yoon

Natasha- Today's my last day in the United States, unless I can convince an attorney to help me.  What could possibly happen?

Daniel-- I've got once chance to get my parents off of my back about getting into a good college... What could possibly stop me from making it to my interview?

Recommended by Lexie Williams

By Caryn Lix

I'm Kenzie.  I'm a junior guard on the giant space prison, "Sanctuary."  Here we lock up teens that have super powers that are too dangerous for Earth.  My mom runs this place, and I'm excited to become a full-fledged guard, but until then I need to deal with a routine drill.

Recommended by Ben Watters

By Alexandra Adornetto

My name is Beth.  I'm an angel.  I was sent to Earth to help lead others to the Lord, but a cloud of evil drifts over the city I'm in.  I'm not sure what's going to happen, but it can't be good!!

Recommended by Ben Watters

Quarantine: The Giant
By Lex Thomas

In the beginning of high school I was scrawny, weak, and scared of everything.  I was alone when the school went into Quarantine.  It was not until I met Sasha, then I was invited to join "The Mice."  This group was very unknown, and they would hide in the vents of the school.  We lived off of what we could steal.  As Sasha and I grew closer, I realized that my relationship with her was not the only thing growing.  I was getting bigger.  Eventually I grew too big to fit into the bents.  I was forced back into the brutal halls of McKinley High.  Even though I've grown stronger and gotten bigger, can I survive?  

Recommended by Blake Alfrey

Quarantine: the Loners
By Lex Thomas

This is insane!  I never thought that we would be targeted for an attack.  It was just a normal school day until the bomb went off.  I don't know what's going on, but I do know that we can't leave the school.  I hope my brother's okay, but there isn't too much I can do.  Everyone has grouped up, and food gets harder and harder to obtain.  I'm unable to get into one of the groups, so I have to try and get food on my own. 

Recommended by Chris Williams

The Sea of Trolls
By Nancy Farmer

I'm your average farm boy.  Living in the village isn't bad; although, my father spoils my sister Lucy to no end.  We have a bard living here that we pitch together to help feed.  We don't want to anger him because he can cast magic.  I don't really know the bard that well since he lives a little away from the rest of the village in a cabin.  While giving him food one day, he offered to teach me!  But I don't know if my dad will allow it since he things everything the bard does is witchcraft and that he will go to hell for his sins.  

Recommended by Chris Williams

The Body
By Stephen King

It has been days since I have seen the light of day. It's been days since I have seen anything. It has been days since anyone has seen me. Is anybody looking for me? Is anyone looking for me like I had been looking for blueberries? That's all I was doing, walking down the train tracks picking blueberries and the next thing I know... NOTHING. It hit me out of nowhere and left me in the middle of nowhere. Now I am nowhere. I am nobody. I am now just the body.

Recommended by Kassidy Brown

The Gunslinger
By Stephen King

My name is Roland of Gilead, and I am "The Gunsliger."  I passed through the town of Tull, in my pursuit of the Man in Black. I needed to find a place to rest in this desert wasteland.  I find rest at a nearby farm.  I must find the Man in Black.  He's the only way to the Dark Tower.  The journey will be long and hard, but I think I'm up for the task.  Or am I?????

Recommended by Charles New

Lux: Opposition
By Jennifer Armentrout

I left Earth when I found out a new legion arrived on Earth.  When I came back, I had to tell the others that I know I can trust that there's going to be an attack on Earth.  Our leader takes me and Katy, and I have to hide my love for her.  To stop the death of millions from the military's plan to kill Lux, we have to turn to our enemy.  I make a split decision to save Katy, but it leaves us both in the hospital.

Recommended by Justin Hummel

By Carol Lynch Williams

I heard the banging on the wall.  I rushed in and tried to save him, but it was too late.  I didn't think when he was upset he'd go this far.  Since his death, my family has been distant.  There's rumors of it being my fault.  And there's a new boy.  I don't know how to separate my feelings.  I don't know how I feel about him, but I know right now I need him.  My mother finally talks to me, but very shortly.  I just want things to go back to normal.

Recommended by Justin Hummel

By Jessi Kirby

My life was perfectly fine living with my grandma, but my dad got a promotion at his job and was making me move in with him. Why would I want to leave my life?  My friends?  I just can't... My name is Anna.  My mom left me in the sea when I was seven; that's when life took a turn.  Do you know what it is like to grow up and know nothing about what happened to your mom?  When I moved in with my dad, things started to become clearer.  Will I start to figure things out?  Or will life continue to be a secret?

Recommended by Hailey Lohrey

By Melissa Landers

The banshee is off again!  I sure do love whenever we're high in space, and I get to gaze out the windows from any soft spot in my adopted mother's pocket, but sometimes she's not always here.  Cassia comes from royalty, that I know, but she lives a complicated life.  (However, everyone on the ship does too!)

Every place we've been has been amazing and so new!  Since I'm not allowed to leave the ship, I'll reach every window I can find to see what new things are on the other side.  It's always fun waiting to see our next destination and what our future holds.  This ship has traveled to many places, and many more it will go!

The adventure is not over yet!

(Told from the POV of a tiny sugarglider named Acorn, who is the ship's favorite!)

Recommended by Emma Hancock

By Meg Haston

My name's Stevie, and I killed my twin brother.  It's my fault that Josh died.  It's as much my fault as my mom leaving us.  I wasn't a good daughter or sister.  After she left, I started bingeing, bingeing everything.  I don't want to be here.  I want to be with Josh.  My plan has been to reunite with him on the anniversary of his death, but now my dad has sent me to some stupid treatment center in the middle-of-nowhere New Mexico.  I don't need to be here, and I certainly don't want to talk to a shrink about my problems.  What I need is Josh, and no-one can stop me from getting to him.  Or can they?

Recommended by Sarah Jent

Dance of Thieves
By Mary Pearson

The Ballenger Empire was at stake, and I had to hurry.  My family is the only thing on my mind as Kazi and I race across the Cam Lunex to get back to my home.  After everything we've been through and everything my family and I have warred for could be at stake.  The note was a surprise.  I was already eager to get back to my Kingdom, but after the bird came with the note, there was no time to waste.  Whatever has been disrupting the city and causing problems may have noticed my absence and make their move.  With me gone, the Kingdom is vulnerable.  I have to get back.  There's no telling what kind of chaos is unraveling in my own home.  I push at my horse harder and harder, but I know they can't run forever and they're getting tired.  I just want to stop, but I   know I have to, I just hope my family's okay.

Recommended by Schyler Gee

By Rachel Hartman

Dear Diary,

I'm getting tired of hiding, hiding in plain sight, but still hiding.  I just wish that I wasn't illegal, that I could let my bloodline be known...  Today didn't go well, at all.  First of all, fruit bat was out of his enclosure, which never happens.  So something is up, but on my way home, I ran into a Quigutl that was selling a strange looking iguana.  There was no one around, so I bought it.  Right afterwards these people came running p, so I had to act like I was being robbed by the Quigutl.  I "passed out" and let the people take car of me for awhile, but one of the men must have went through my bag because while I was leaving, he said that women like me disappear in this town.  I didn't understand what he means, but I have to tell Orma.

Recommended by Schyler Gee