This Darkness Mine
By Mindy McGinnis

I've never had any trouble with me education, my future in the art of music, of my relationships, until a boy in the room of darkness shifts a part of me I never knew about.   I was begging for his touch and attention without ever knowing the actual feel behind it.  I barely know his name, let along the mysterious things he makes sure I notice he has learned about me.  I feel like I've renewed a piece of me that was never there, until I found the missing piece or rather person in me.  All along my mom kept the missing, jagged edge away from me that was the answer to the new, dark, and displeasing chapter in my life.  I never knew I absorbed my sister in the womb, and out "lives" would intervene.  
Things began to happen I never even imagined I could perform, and I began to plead for emotions to make way into my life I never remember experiencing.  Am I who I think I really am, or is my sister taking over the life she wants to live?  

Recommended by Kamryn Buck

By Mindee Arnett

I am 17-years-old and the leader of the Malleus Shades, a group of teenage spaceship thieves.  My name is Jeth, an expert marksman, and there's nothing I care about more than my little sister, Lizzie, and my ship, Avalon.  I don't love being a criminal, but I'm good at it.  Maybe a little too good.  All I want out of life is to get out from under the control of the notorious crime lord, Hammer Dafoe.  He's tortured me for way too long.  All my friends left on my ship, which Hammer kept three of us.

Recommended by Conner Ramsey