Five Feet ApartBy Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis

Hello, I am the rare and horrid disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Not many people have me, but when they do, I make their lives a big mess, especially when two people both have me and want to be together. This can cause many obstacles like always being at least six feet apart from each other. Unless you want to try something risky and be five feet apart... Will this work or will my horrid disease make a bigger disaster? me?

Recommended by Hailey Lohrey

The Maze Runner
By James Dashner

When I woke up I could see nothing around me, and the only things I could remember was my name... Thomas.  I was in some sort of elevator.  When I reached the top, I saw a bunch of teenage guys... I had no memory of anything or anyone, so they were complete strangers to me.  Once I was out of the elevator shaft thing, I was allowed one day of rest, then I was to get "the tour."  During my tour something happened... Something was changing.  The teens around me panicked.  As if things weren't strange enough, I found myself outside the Glade in the Maze with the doors closed... Could I survive?  Would we escape the maze?  

Recommended by Blake Alfrey

Always and Forever, Lara Lean
By Jenny Han

Everything is happening so fast!  Daddy's got a new girlfriend, which I LOVE!  And Margot's off in college, and soon Lara Jean will be too with Peter.  It's Lara Jean's Senior year.  What could possibly go wrong?

Recommended by Lexie Williams

The Desert Spear 
By Peter Brett

The sun was setting.  It would be night soon.  Jurdin took his last look at Gerasia.  He was ready to be out of the desert spear and conquering the greenlands was all that he could think of as he watch the 12 tribes move across the desert.  Against his first wife's wishes, he rode his own horse right along with his men.  Hasik, his second in command, stopped his horse next to Jardin's.  "These weak greenlanders will have no chance against our great Shar," he said in his thick teragan accent.  "They will not be expecting us, but we must not underestimate them, remember that," Jardin scolded as he kicked the side of his steed, sending a cloud of dust in his wake.  Hasik couldn't help but wonder if Jardin was really The Deliverer or just a man taking advantage of his people's beliefs to gain power.  Hasik shook the thought from his head.  Jardin would carry out the paths of the war.   

Recommended by Schyler Gee

Words in Deep Blue

By Cath Crowley

Sitting on these shelves has been my whole life.  You may think it's a boring, old, dusty life, but it's far from it!  This section of the bookshop is the "Letter Library."  Every few days someone comes in to slip a letter in my pages or write a note on my margins.  Every book in here, including me, tells a story; tells of someone's life.  There are endless stories left on these pages.  Henry and Rachel's is my favorite.  However complicated, it's a beautiful, young love story, quite like the one printed on my pages.     

Found in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock in "Prufrock and Other Observations by T.S. Eliot

Recommended by Emma Hancock

Immortal Beloved
By Cate Tiernan

My name is Nastasya, well my latest name that is.  I am an Immortal.  In the 450 years of my life, I've been through a lot, but lately I don't think being a drunk party girl is good for me.  So I'm going to Rivers Edge, basically a rehab place for Immortals like me.  I think it's time that I fix myself.  What are we supposed to do?? We were just supposed to have a cruise and lose weight, not hide from coked up sugar vampires!!

Recommended by Ben Watters

The Grand Escape
By Neal Bascomb

We must delay our final entrance in the tunnel by another day, so that it may go well. Otherwise, months of our hard work and tunneling efforts will all be for naught.

Recommended by Waylon McClure

Long Walk to Freedom
By Nelson Mandela

After years of oppression from the Europeans, one man named Nelson Mandela would lead a political revolution in South Africa.  During his childhood he was named Rolihlahla, which translates to "trouble maker."  Growing up, Nelson Mandela fought oppression in the streets of his town starting with a bus boycott.  Nelson's plan to throw the Europeans out of the political chair was just starting.  Mandela had more uprisings as well as retaliations from the Europeans, but the most known retaliation was the arrest of Nelson Mandela in 1962.  He was arrested for conspiring to overthrow the state, with a few other of his political activists.  Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years of his life and was not allowed to see his children until they were at least 16-years-old.  But all the time he spent in prison he kep on fighting for the cause by making demand to the prison and striking small social uprisings in prison.  After spending the years of 1962-1990 in prison, Nelson Mandela was then elected president of South Africa until 1994.  The book "Long Walk to Freedom" was a great read, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning about Nelson Mandela and his life.

Recommended by Charles New
The Trials of Apollo Book 1:  The Hidden Oracle
By Rick Riordan

I don't remember what I did to make my father angry, but it must have been bad.  This is the third time Zeus has turned me into a mortal, but he usually leaves me something.  but this time I'm just a normal human.  The only way I can get my godly powers back is to earn his favor and complete a quest.  That can't be hard, can it?

Recommended by Chris Williams

Of Mice and Men
By John Steinbeck

I didn't really get much but I know that I love soft things.  George is always there for me, but some times he says life would be easier without me.  He only said that when I did something bad though.  This one time I got us kicked out of town called weed from playing with this girl's dress.  We ended up at another farm south.  Trying to get the money to buy our own land.  I get us into even more trouble.  As I hid, George finds me before anyone else and in the end, I get my rabbits.

Recommended by Justin Hummel

By Caroline Kepnes

In my world, people come and go all the time.  Sometimes they give me a piece of them, sometimes they take a part of me with them.  Once owned by an older gentleman, he passed me down to a young man by the name of Joe.  He takes care of me and my shelves very well, and helps all of our customers.  A strapping young man he is... or so I thought.  Once a certain girl came into his life, he's become ... strange.  He's obsessive, stalking her on her profiles and in person.  He even has her phone.  The worst part is that Joe is using me as a safe place.  Like nobody would suspect the bookstore keeper.  There might've even been a murder or two in here, but I'm not telling.  Who knows what else Joe has done?  Who knows what else Joe will do?

Recommended by Ka$$idy Brown

Die for You
By Amy Dominy

I know this is hard on Emma, but she has a good head on her shoulders.  She can so take down all these college kids.  Well, as long as "Dillion" doesn't interfere.  I know I should be a good dad and trust Emma's judgment, but I don't like that kid.  Something's off about him...

Recommended by Kelsey McGill