We have had several of the same issues coming up with online registration.  To save you time, we are compiling a list below with of the questions we are getting, along with solutions.   

Issue:  I did not receive an e-mail with instructions.

Solution:  As long as you are registering a returning student AND have an existing PowerSchool Account, this should not be an issue.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the Parent Portal on a Computer or IPAD
  2. From each tab showing your student(s) name(s), select the Returning Student Registration Icon in the left menu.
  3. Enter the birth date of that student
  4. Click Begin Forms

Issue:  I am getting an error message

Solution:  This seems to be occurring when using a phone - you can only register online using a Computer or IPAD.  You may also try using a different browser.

Issue:  I cannot remember my username or password

Solution:  On the Parent Portal page, click "forgot username or password" and it will e-mail you instructions.  If this does not work, e-mail the Tech Helpdesk.  

If all else fails, you are welcome to come into the school buildings tomorrow (Wednesday) to register in person.  More information can be found here.  You can also continue to contact the Tech Helpdesk - we are doing our best to get back to everyone, but please be patient with us.