eLearning at Shenandoah School Corporation

Shenandoah Schools are excited to announce that we have been approved to participate in the state’s eLearning program.In 2011, the Indiana Department of Education began allowing schools to take advantage of learning opportunities outside of the traditional school day and place through virtual options for learning.After spending the past year and a half preparing, SSC is excited to offer this to our students.

What is eLearning?

During an eLearning day, teachers provide instruction to students virtually, or online.While there are multiple options available to schools, Shenandoah will only participate in “Planned eLearning Days.”In other words, parents, students, and teachers will know of an eLearning day ahead of time.This will allow teachers to prepare adequate lessons and parents to plan accordingly.

Why eLearning?

In 2016, 6.3 Million college students took at least one online course, with Public colleges/Universities seeing the largest growth. Students aren’t bound by traditional aspects of school. Students can accelerate, take more time, or complete their work from the beach.
As of July 6, 2018, Canvas had 1,218 installations and Blackboard had 1,216 at US colleges and universities. Job applications, license renewal, shopping, paying bills, etc…are all online.
Teachers can get PD online and many companies offer online training. In 2017, 43% of employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely.

Technical Assistance

Students who need technical assistance should e-mail techhelp@shenandoah.k12.in.us.

Students without Internet Access

  • Check with the principal to see if a lab will be open on the eLearning Day
  • Go to the town library or local restraunt that offers free wifi.
  • Download assignments and save to device before leaving school.
  • Go to a friend or family's house.
  • Students can work with a teacher to access the school wifi before/after school.

Student Expectations

  1. Attend “virtual” school on the eLearning Day.
  2. Participate in lessons and complete assignments by the due date.
  3. Contact the teacher with questions.
  4. Contact the Tech Helpdesk with tech issues.

Early College/Career Center

Students enrolled in Early College or the Career Center should attend classes like normal. Cadet Teachers should communicate with Mr. Kinsey, Mr. Allen, and the elementary classroom teacher regarding classwork requirements.Just like a normal school day, these students should complete work for their classes at SHS as well.

Students with Special Needs

Students are entitled to the accommodations in their IEP. Special Education teachers have updated each IEP with the appropriate provisions written into their plan. The Teacher of Record will work with families ahead of time to clarify expectations for learning and how support will be offered.Students who receive services and attend classes at New Castle will continue to follow NC’s calendar and schedule – they will not participate in our eLearning day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eLearning? eLearning is learning conducted via electronic media, typically, but not necessarily, over the Internet.

Will extracurricular events be affected by the eLearning day? No. Students do not come to school during the eLearning day, but ECA’s can still meet after the school day like normal (weather permitting).

Who will kids call/speak to with connectivity issues? Parents, students, or teachers can e-mail the tech helpdesk at techhelp@shenandoah.k12.in.us.

What are the time/work expectations for teachers? Teachers should assign work that is reflective of a typical class period. Teachers should be checking-in on Canvas and through email to answer student questions from 9:00-11:30 AM and 1:00-3:00 PM during the eLearning day and should be available for questions until the assignment is due.

Will teachers need to be available to "interact" with the students during the eLearning day? Yes. Tools such as Discussions or Messages on Canvas are readily available for all students and teachers.

What are the consequences for students who do not complete the work? Students not completing eLearning work should face the same consequences as a normal class day. Additionally, students not participating in eLearning work should be counted as unexcused absences. If a student is sick on the eLearning day, they should work to complete their assignments on the other days during the eLearning window.If there are extenuating circumstances, contact your student’s principal.

Will there be an open lab in school for students who claim no other way of completing the work? Individual schools may choose have a computer lab open for students and parents. This is up to the individual building.

Are there specific requirements about the type of online content assigned? Yes. The IDOE requires eLearning material to be valid educational content, address the standards, and relate directly to what is being taught in the classroom from the previous day or days.

Will eLearning material be graded? Generally, elementary teachers should limit graded assignments, while secondary should be sure to include graded work.

I have a student with Special Needs who attends classes at New Castle.Will they participate in the eLearning day? No.Students with special needs who attend classes in another Corporation typically follow their calendar and daily schedule.

Contact Information

Issues related to assignments or other class content – contact the individual teacher, which can be found on the websites below:

Special Education questions or concerns – contact your student’s Teacher of Record.If you are unsure of who this is, get in touch with the building principal:


Middle School

High School

Technology Help

Other Questions or Concerns – Contact the Administration, building office staff, or Curriculum Director:


Middle School

High School