The 57 Bus
By Dashka Slater

My name is Sasha, and I like to be referred to as "they."  I used to be a boy, but now I'm not.  My entire life, I've wanted to fit in.  but now that I am truly who I want to be, all people do is judge me.  I knew things were not going to be easy, but I never expected things to get this bad.  That day on the 57 bus changed everything.  

Recommended by Baylee Chambliss

The Remedy
By Suzanne Young

All I've ever known is being the life of a Closer.  To help families grieve, to give them a chance to gain the closure they need, but never thought they would have to face.  My dad always told me I played a key role in the Grief Department.  I was the face of it.  Although this wan't what I wanted my life to be engulfed by, I was dang good at it.  It offered me protection, safety, a way to allow families to let go and keep moving forward, and most importantly, the feeling of having my own family.  There is no better feeling than being able to "become" that special someone and give that family the closure they have hung onto.  Just one rule, I can't get attached.  Too bad I've taken on this role for more than half of my life and am profoundly deft to knowing my memories from the ones I take on.  How am I supposed to stop myself from becoming attached when they are the one who love me most?  Hi, I'm Quinlan McKee, or that's who I thought I was.

Recommended by Kamryn Buck