Wild Bird
By Wendelin Van Draanen

Our daughter, Wren, is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  She has been addicted to these things since she was in middle school.  She steals from us and lies to us.  We have tried everything to help her.  This Wilderness Therapy Camp is our very last resort.  We just want her to get better, but... How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped?    

Recommended by Baylee Chambliss

The Lovely and the Lost
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I'm Bales, and something tragic has happened back in town.  My daughter and her kids run a search a rescue program with dogs, to train them.  I know we've had a rough past in this stuff, but I need her to help me find the missing girl.  Her daughter Kira will be a great help too, considering what she's gone through.  Will bringing them all back for this one girl be too much?  Will we have enough time to save the girl?

Recommended by Lexie Williams

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
By J. K. Rowling

None of the professors thought I'd be back for my fourth year, and I just never thought I'd make it back alive.  This year at Hogwarts was one nobody was ready for.  It was kept more secretive than most, to add as well.  All of a sudden I get it thrown at me that my favorite part and best part of Hogwarts, Quidditch, has been removed from this year and the Triwizard Tournament is taking its place.  To add to that, I'm not old enough to be entered into it.  Or so I thought.  Three students are selected to participate within the three schools of magic: Fleur Delacour, Victor Krum, and Cedric Diggory, but the goblet was not satisfied... I had been picked as well.  Although many odd things have happened to me while attending Hogwarts, there was no chance this was supposed to happen.  I was let through and petrified as ever.  I wasn't the smartest or the boldest, but all I could image was my name written all over that cup.  I succeeded past many obstacles, more that I had done before, and no-one, not even Snape, could stop me.  But, Lord Voldemort had returned, and I was in the deepest part of his hatred and drive to kill.  Who knew if I'd return to my fifth year.

Recommended by Kamryn Buck

The Next Person You Meet in Heaven
By Mitch Albom

I always knew what tragedy happened to me when I was a little girl, but never how I was saved.  It's always stuck with me through the years, mainly because my scars tell many stories, but I've never quite thought tragedy would call my name so much.  I was constantly reminded of what I had gone through by the looks and judgement of others through growing older but now that I'm on my own, I've been able to find that happy stage in life.  Although I can't recall the incident that forever changed my life, I was able to reconnect with the only person that had ever accepted me, Paulo.  I felt as though I had really found happiness and being able to marry your childhood live is something to boast about.  Next thing I knew, tragedy whisked me right up again into another journey than this one here on Earth.  I met some people who impacted my life that I never knew about, and I met Eddie, who saved my life than and now.  He was the gentleman who risked his life for mine and now he's guiding my heavenly journey.  My eyes were opened and I became much more grateful for the lessons he bestowed upon me, my life mattered in unthinkable ways and our ending is only the start to a new beginning.  Is the end really so bad?

Recommended by Kamryn Buck

The Backfield Boys
By John Feinstein

I was on the football team with my best friend, Tom, and we were known as the perfect teammates.  I got a full ride scholarship to one of the most prestigious schools in the state of Virginia with Tom.  Little did we know that I was going to the quarterback because I am white, and Tom was going to be a receiver because he is black.  The school I went to for college was known to be racially backgrounded for football and all other sports.  I figured we were going to jeapardize our careers, but everything worked out in the end.  

Recommended by Conner Ramsey

Snow Like Ashes
By Sara Raasch

As I transferred into the child, I felt hope again.  Our city has been under siege for days, and it seemed that was no way out.  But now as I manifest in Hannah's child, who is being taken to safely, I know water has a chance...
Years later, I never thought we would make it this long.  It's been pure luck.  They search and search for my previous conduit, not knowing I'm right with them the whole time.  Risking their lives, Admuth must have wanted her daughter's identity hidden.  My anticipation grows as my winderians look for any help they can get to defeat Angra.  If only all the magic in the world could come together to stop this evil, but every kingdom is too focused on helping themselves.  Anyways, I have to go help Miera.  She's finally calling upon me.

Recommended by Schyler Gee

By 50 Cent

My name is Butterball and ever since I moved, my life hasn't been going as planned.  I met this nice girl named Liz, after she saw me bullying a kid at the playground.She would always ask me questions, but I would always evade answering them because I didn't want her to know my story.  At times I wish I still lived in the city with my dad, but Long Island isn't as bad as I thought it was when I first got here.

Recommended by Conner Ramsey

The Secret History of Us
By Jessi Kirby

My name is Olivia Jordan.  Until now, I thought I knew everything about my life, but this accident has changed everything.  I can't remember anything from the last four years, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.  Everyone wants me to go back to being me, but how am I supposed to do that when I don't know who I am anymore?  I want to please everyone, but no-one understands how difficult this is for me.  Maybe it's time that I stop doing what everyone wants me to do and start doing what I feel like is right for me.

Recommended by Baylee Chambliss

The Female of the Species
By Mindy McGinnis

Three years ago, my sister was murdered.  Since then I have been alone in this world, with the only language I know, violence.  That is until I meet Jack and Peekay.  They do everything possible to get me out of my shell.  But is this really a good thing?  My shell keeps other safe from me, from the justice they deserve.  What will happen when I can't control violence?  What will happen when I decide to serve justice?  Read Female of the Species to find out.

Recommended by Makayla Hummel

The 100
By Kass Morgan

My name is Clarke and life has never been quite easy for me, but then again it is never easy living in space on what I call my home, the Arc.  The Arc life is very strict; if you steal medicine to help a friend, you're confined.  If you take extra rations, you're confined.  If you're a second born child, you're confined.  Confinement is worse when you know that once you turn 18, you are dead.  Life on The Arc doesn't have room for criminals, so the Chancellor says, so he sentences us to death on our 18th birthday.  Earth has been destroyed for year, and all we ever saw of it was from a window in space, wishing we had the change to breathe the air in Earth or watch a sunset with your loved ones like we have been dreaming about.  Things change when the Chancellor decides to sentence all of us criminals to death, again, by sending us to Earth to test if it is survivable.  We all think confinement is hell because we wait in a small room until our death-day, but Earth has another thing coming for us.  Our dreams of the sunset and air on Earth isn't enough to overpower what hell is waiting for us down there.

Recommended by Lexus Welker

Among Heroes
By Brandon Webb

It's just a few years before the tragedy of September 11th.  At a Navy Seal Sniper Training School in Coronad, CA sits Brandon Webb.  Brandon is about to take his final training test with his partner and will eventually become a long-lasting best friends, Glen Doherty.  Glen was one of the "best guys you could know," according to Brandon.  But Glen wan't the only guy who Brandon would consider to be his best friend.  Brandon will go on to meet some of the greatest heroes who ever served in the military.  From Matt Axelson, who perished in the brave "Lone Survivor" mission, to Chris Kyle, who is considered to be the greatest Navy Seal Sniper of all time.  These true American Heroes are just a few of the brave men Brandon Webb has the honor of calling "friend."  If you wish to read stories of selflessness and true bravery, then read Among Heroes.  You will not be disappointed.

Recommended by Charles New

By Meagan Spooner

Marian awoke temporarily in a fit.  She thought that she was still getting chased through the woods.  She looked to her sides.  She was home.  There was nothing to worry about.  Well, almost nothing.  Marian remembered back to the previous day.  She remembered Guy's proposal to her.

I can't betray Robin, even if he isn't with me, she thought.  Marian began to tear up, but then forced her sadness down deep into her chest.  Remorse isn't a weakness, my dearest, mused Robin's voice in her head, but you can't let remorse cloud your decisions.  When something affects how yo life and love, then it can be considered a weakness.  But only if allowed without restrained.  Reigned in, nothing can stop you from being the best you can be.  

"Thank you, sweet Robin," Marian inclined.  She looked at her gear and decided, "Let's go cause some mayhem for the sheriff, shall we?"  That's the spirit, Marian, his voice said back.  Marian quickly put her gear on and readied her bow.  It was time to ready her merry men.  

Recommended by Garrett Harding

Midnight in Chernobyl
By Adam Higginbotham

In Russia, it is a completely different world.  Russia does not fail.  It was not my fault, and I had no reason to believe it would do what it did.  We did the test because we were told too.  Lower power should have been safer than if we did it normal power.  The reactor blew up.  It was not my fault.  I did not witness the power first falling.  The people are not my concern and should not be scared of what happened.  The people being ignorant of radiation is not my problem.  I should have have been on trial because of a faulty reactor.  Russia is the greatest country there is.  We do not fail.  

Recommended by Rachel Painter


My name is Gilgamesh, and I'm King of the Urak.  I'm known to be stronger than any other man.  People claim I abuse my power, but I disagree.  I'm King.  I get to do what I want.  That is until one day a Trapper discovered someone destroying his troops and told me the man doing it was the strongest man in the world, but I disagree because I myself am the strongest.  As I was   on my way home to my city this man Enkiau blocked my path, so I fought him and won, but after we combined our strengths and became friends.  I later on realized I've yet to make a name for myself, so Enkiau and I travel to the land of Cedars to slay the giant Humboba.  We defeated Humboba.  He pleads for forgiveness, but Enkiau finished him off.  Once we returned home, the Bull of Heaven was released and caused havoc in my city, but Enkiau and I defeated it.  Soon after defeating the Bull of Heaven.  Enkiau grows sick.  My pople and I mourn Enkiau as he dies.

Recommened by Ocean Downs

The Naturals
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

My name is Cassie Hobbes, and I have the gift of being able to read people.  The FBI found out about my gift and wanted me to join an academy for people like me, using our abilities in solving cold cases.  I sadly had to leave my grandmother, but now I work alongside the FBI solving crimes.  There are others like me in the academy, but they all have their own unique abilities.  Michael can read emotions.  Lia is a master at deception.  Dean is a profiler.  Sloane is like a human computer.  We work together using our natural talents to solve crimes, but out current case is a dangerous one that is becoming too close for comfort.  Do you think we can come together and catch the killer before it's too late?

Recommended by Avery Chapin