Shenandoah High School Library Research Links

The links below should give you access to webpages and databases that we have found to be especially helpful for Shenandoah students!
APA Guidelines
In depth APA Guidelines for Research Papers, provided by OWL-- the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.
Atlapedia-- Country Information
Excellent website for finding information about countries.
APA Help for you from BibMe!
Bramlett- Google Scholar
Scholarly Journals
Bramlett- Primary Source Documents
Primary Sources available from Library of Congress.

Career Information
This information is provided by Canada, but it provides you with information on unusual careers that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as Farriers.
Career One Stop
Career information that is sorted by industry/type of career.
CIA World Factbook
Great resource for country information!
College Comparison- College Mapper
Offers basic information as it compares multiple colleges.
College Comparison-- College Prowler
Compares multiple colleges and majors. Offers a letter grade for various aspects of the college.
College Comparison-- College Results Online
More detailed information for comparing colleges.
This website includes a Dictionary, Atlas, Encyclopedia, Thesauras, and information on countries.
An exellent sources for newspapers and magazines. It looks different than last year. To get to the High School page for INSPIRE, under the search box, click on Databases A-Z. Then near the bottom of the screen, click on Explora for High Schools. It defaults to Full Text searches!
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Excellent Career information from the United States Government.
Excellent website for finding both sides of an argument.
Salem Health
On-Line Access to the print publication that can be found in the Shenandoah High School Library, Genetics & Inherited Conditions. Warning: This link may only work on school computers.