Principal's Century Club

To encourage Shenandoah Middle School students to read, and to recognize those who excel at reading, Shenandoah Middle School has created the Principal's Century Club. Students have three years, the three years they are students at SMS, to read 100 books, and to pass the Accelerated Reader tests that accompany them. Students may take all three years to reach the century mark, or they may reach it each year.


1 Student Has Met the Challenge!

Allison Gideon

4 Others are Closing In!

Principal's Century Club 2016-17

4 Students Met the Challenge!

Lauren Taylor

Elena Fries

Erikka Hill

Reina Sherman

We had a lovely time at Montana Mike's!!! Try to join us next year!

2015-161 Student Met the Challenge!

Garrett Harding

We had a fabulous lunch at Applebee's!

2014-156 Students Met the Challenge!

Maddy Robinson

Sam Pederson

Elena Fries

Moissa Hummel

Carly Allen

Nate Mears

We had a fabulous lunch at Red Lobster!

Maybe you can join us next year!

2013-141 Student Met the Challenge!

Yulia Robbins

We had a lovely lunch at Hibachi Grill!

2012-134 Students Met the Challenge!

Savanna Keller

Molly Pederson

Hope Smith

Colton Radcliff

We had a lovely lunch at Cracker Barrel!

2011-12Congratulations! 4 Students Met The Challenge!

Savanna Ghanayem

Krystin Abbett

Colton Radcliff

Connor Bell

Lunch at Olive Garden was Delicious!

2010-11Congratulations! 5 Students Reached the Century Mark!

Brooklyn Alm

Brett Wickersham

Sarah Fisher

Megan Caldwell

Keylyn Tompkins

We enjoyed lunch at Red Lobster last May!!

2009-10CONGRATULATIONS!! Eleven students met the challenge of reading 100 books and passing the tests!

Kyle Demick

Presley Fortune

Leslie Hawks

Nick Hummel

Sydnee Kirby

Cassidy Langston

Katelyn Losch

Elise Layman

Morgan Johnson

Nick Radcliff

Brett Surguy

Culver's ice-cream Montana Mike's were quite yummy!

2008-09And the Winners Are...

Marci Blaine

Presley Fortune

Adrienne VanMatre

Alicia VanMatre

We loved Red Lobster!

2007-08And The Winners Are....

Two Students have met the Challenge of Reading 100 Books and Passing 100 AR Tests

Jaron Stiers

Matt Roeder

Congratulations, Gentlemen! Lonestar Steakhouse was Fabulous!

2006-074 Students Met the Challenge!

Katie Estridge

Annaliese Hillman

Jared March

Carly Poor

Lonestar was Lovely!

2005-06Our Inagural Year! 3 Students Achieved the Challenge!

Leah Holden

LeAndra Penn

Carly Poor

Olive Garden, Here We Come!